Saturday, December 24, 2011

So I see that I have waited far too long to post anything on the blog! I dont do this very well, I guess. I do want to brag on my kids though! Here are my beautiful daughters and grandson before Theron's birth (my second grandson, born 12/18/11)... Left to right -- Heidi, Amanda, Aubrey, and Hannah -- this pic was taken at Aubrey's baby shower on November 5th.. And the picture above is of Patrick and Aubrey with their new baby boy, Theron!

2011 Almost Over!

Been a very long time since an update. Aubrey and Patrick's baby is finally here! Cute seven pound baby boy with lots of brown hair! Hannah's finally fourteen years old, and starting to sprout! Donny's now sixteen years old with his permit. He does anything to drive, no matter where to!